We are a collective of Registered midwives working on the North Shore and surrounding areas. We provide continuity of care to women and their families during pregnancy, labour and birth, and 4-6 weeks postnatally. Antenatal visits are conduct at each midwives clinic space (in Northcote, Long Bay or Stanmore Bay). Labour and Birth care can be provided at home for uncomplicated pregnancies and births, at Birthing Suite in North Shore Hospital or at Warkworth Birthing Centre if feasible for your midwife. Postnatal visits will be at your home.

Pregnancy and childbirth are normal and natural life events, and we encourage our clients to embrace this by being proactive with their own health and self- care. There may be times we suggest self-referral to other health practitioners such as nutritionists, physiotherapists, osteopaths/chiropractors and counselors. We embrace the use of complimentary therapies which respect the gentle balance nature achieves when the maternity experience remains uncomplicated. Some women will develop complications during pregnancy, labour and birth, or the postnatal period requiring consultation with an obstetrician, which will be organised by your midwife.


Throughout your maternity care you will be provided with a copy of your clinic notes. Each midwife in our practice has their own way of doing this, whether it is in the form of paper copies, via email or on a USB stick. It is important that however your midwife provides these records that you have access to them if you travel, go to the hospital for any reason, and during your labour.

If your midwife emails your notes, she will do so at regular intervals (usually at each appointment). Please create a designated folder in your email to file these into so that you can easily access them in the future. You are also welcome to save them to your computer or print them off to create a folder, whatever suits you best.



We encourage and proritise well being and self-care within our team of midwives. As time off is crucial to the sustainability of our rewarding but demanding role, our midwives support each other in having alternate weekends off. If your would like to meet your midwife's back-up practitioner should she be on call when you go into labour, this can be arranged antenatally. You may also receive care from a locum midwife while your LMC is on leave, or from another midwife in the practice if your midwife's usual back-up is unavailable.


Your midwife is available Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm for non-urgent matters. As the nature of our work is very hands-on there will be times when your midwife is unable to answer her phone, whereby you can leave a message and she will get back to you. Please feel free to make a not of questions you wish to ask your midwife and bring them to appointments with you.

Your Midwife and her back-up are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent matters and labour and birth care.

Matters needing urgent attention may include but are not limited to:

- Vaginal Bleeding

- A distinct reduction in your baby's normal movements in the third trimester

- Symptoms of preeclampsia: a severe frontal headache, visual disturbances, a burning sensation

under your ribs on your right side, and/or a sudden onset of severe swelling

- Any impact to your abdomen after 23 weeks, such as from a fall or a car accident

- Symptoms of a urinary tract infection

- You feel amniotic fluid leaking from your vagina

- Regular contractions prior to 37 weeks

- Your waters break and they are green/brown in colour.

- When you are concerned about you or your baby's well being.


For general medical issues not directly associated with your pregnancy or baby please contact your GP.

If you cannot get hold of your midwife for and urgent matter you can try phoning her a short while later or call her back-up midwife. Please see the guidance around contact in labour. Your midwife will discuss this thoroughly with you some time in your third trimester.

During weekends off and times when your midwife is unavailable due to overnight births or other unforeseen circumstances her phone will be forward to her back-up. Text messaging is not a safe or reliable form of communication about matters concerning your and your baby's well being. Therefore we as that you do not text your midwife.



Carla Smith 021 256 6913 

Lynden Shanahan 027 475 8687

Tammy Jowsey 027 255 4774

Chelsea Paisey 022 494 1704